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Qualification for »Cultural Mediator«

Broaden your horizons, right here in Ulm!


Transcultural House of Learning for Women - Qualification for »Cultural Mediator«

Next House of Learning starts October 2024

If you like to come together with other women from all over the world, to discover youself and learn and laugh together, then visit the transcultural House of Learning for women!

Here You learn about:

  • Creative thinking
  • Communication styles
  • Conflict resolution
  • Different excercises to make you think about your own perceptions - of yourself and other cultures
  • Cultural structures
  • World wide traditions and religions
  • Your own prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination
  • Lots of »aha-moments« 
  • and so much more...

Class starts in Ocotber 2024 with monthly meetings (Friday and Saturday) until July 2025. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate as »Cultural Mediator« which you can use for your job or your further volunteer engagements.


Come out of your box, have interesting conversations, meet new women and make new friends!

Please contact

Kirsten Tretter
Phone: 0731 15 30 40

Mail here

Kirsten Tretter
Kirsten Tretter Fachbereichsleiterin
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