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Bild: Internationale Teilnehmerinnen im Women’s Club der Frauenakademie Ulm mit Flipchartpapier im Club Orange

Frauenakademie international

Women's Club 2023/24

Find your place, feel at home and connect with women from every corner of the world. The Women's Club ist offering support and friendship to all women residing in the Ulm area. 

We are of different ages and nationalities and have different interests and lifestyles. Some of us have been here in Ulm for years and others are just arriving.

In the Club you can broaden your network of friends, enjoy a cup of coffee, meet other women, learn new skills, discover talents or simply have fun.

Thursdays, 9:30 am - 11:30 am

June 22th
October 12th
November 09th
December 07th

January 18th
February 08th

The entrance is free

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Das Projekt wird gefördert durch 'Sachgebiet Chancengerechtigkeit und Vielfalt' der Stadt Ulm

Online: Book Club 2023/24

For many years the English Book Club has been an important part of the international activities at the »Frauenakademie« .

To adapt to the demands of our modern lifestyle the course is now offered as an online activity via Zoom.

»If you find a book you really want to read but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.«
Toni Morrison, Nobel Prize Winner 1993

One of the most enjoyable things about reading is sharing our love of books with other people. And that's what Book Club is about! In Book Club, we'll agree on a book to read over the course of a month. Then, after we've read it, we'll meet and discuss our experiences of reading. If you enjoy reading, please join us for Book Club!

Meet new women! Read new books!

The theme for next semester is books by winners of the Women’s Prize for Fiction and the Pulitzer Prize

The first book is »Demon Copperhead« by Barbara Kingsolver to be discussed.

The meetings will take place on:

Thursday, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
October 12th
November 09th
December 07th
January 18th

Plus one in person meeting to get to know fellow local book lovers and to chat about books in Ulm. You can join in at any time, we discuss a new book every session. 

Fee: EUR 39,00

Sign up here



Qualifizierung zur Kulturmittlerin - Qualification for Cultural Mediator

If you like to come together with other women from all over the world, to discover youself and learn and laugh together, then visit the transcultural House of Learning for women!

Class starts in Ocotber 2023 with monthly meetings (Friday and Saturday) until July 2023. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate as »Cultural Mediator« which you can use for your job or your further volunteer engagements.

Informationen (deutsch)

More information (english)

Kirsten Tretter
Kirsten Tretter Fachbereichsleiterin
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