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Bild: Internationale Teilnehmerinnen im Women’s Club der Frauenakademie Ulm mit Flipchartpapier im Club Orange

Frauenakademie international

Women's Club

Find your place, feel at home and connect with women from every corner of the world. The Women's Club ist offering support and friendship to all women residing in the Ulm area. 

Thursdays, 9:30 am - 11:30 am
October 14th
November 18th 
December 16th 
January 27th

Ulmer Volkshochschule, Kornhausplatz 5

The entrance is free
Because of Corona rules and limited space please send us a mail to sign up (tretter@vh-ulm.de).

Das Projekt wird gefördert durch 'Sachgebiet Chancengerechtigkeit und Vielfalt' der Stadt Ulm

Book Club

One of the most enjoyable things about reading is sharing our love of books with other people. And that's what Book Club is about! In Book Club, we'll agree on a book to read over the course of a month. Then, after we've read it, we'll meet and discuss our experiences of reading. If you enjoy reading, please join us for Book Club!
Meet new women! Read new books!

Thursday, 10:15 am - 11:45 am
October 07th
November 11th
December 09th
January 20th

Ulmer Volkshochschule, Kornhausplatz 5, Room S17
Fee: EUR 32,00
Course number 21H0401566

Kirsten Tretter Fachbereichsleiterin
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