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Online-Kurs: Business English B2

Dozent: Isidro Núñez Ornelas

Business English is getting more attention now, specially in the higher levels, because of how fast the globalized world is moving via online and social media. We are going to have the goal in this course to deal with these issues at hand, not only by practicing our English speaking skills but by dealing with this new trend of online sessions. As we continue dealing with our daily tasks in our professional lives, Business English needs to become second nature to us, so that there should not be extra thinking about what to say in a meeting or in a business deal. A variety of areas are going to be used in order to put all our skills into practice. However, the main purpose of the course is to use our speaking abilities. But at the same time, there are going to be activities related to readings, videos for listening, some optional writings for extra practice among other tasks to help us not only maintain our level of English but to improve it. Join us in this adventure to achieve results not only by sharing our own experiences with Business English but also by learning from one another.

Dieser Online-Kurs findet mit ZOOM Meeting statt. Kurz vor Kursbeginn erhalten Sie eine E-Mail mit dem Link zum Kurs.
Technische Voraussetzungen: Stabile Internetverbindung, funktionierende E-Mail-Adresse, Endgerät (PC, Laptop, Tablet oder Smartphone) mit Kamera, Lautsprecher und Mikrofon bzw. Headset.

Datum | Uhrzeit
12-mal (24 Unterrichtsstunden) | Donnerstag
Beginn: 11.11.2021 | 19:40 bis 21:10 Uhr
Do., 11.11.202119:40 - 21:10 Uhr
Do., 18.11.202119:40 - 21:10 Uhr
Do., 25.11.202119:40 - 21:10 Uhr
Do., 02.12.202119:40 - 21:10 Uhr
Do., 09.12.202119:40 - 21:10 Uhr
Do., 16.12.202119:40 - 21:10 Uhr
Do., 13.01.202219:40 - 21:10 Uhr
Do., 20.01.202219:40 - 21:10 Uhr
Do., 27.01.202219:40 - 21:10 Uhr
Do., 03.02.202219:40 - 21:10 Uhr
Do., 10.02.202219:40 - 21:10 Uhr
Do., 17.02.202219:40 - 21:10 Uhr
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Lehrbuch: Business Partner B2 Coursebook and Basic MyEnglishLab Pack, ab Lekt. 1

Beratung zum Kursinhalt

Bettina Brandez
Tel. 0731 1530-33


6 - 8 Teilnehmer*innen
noch freie Plätze


165,00 € Kleingruppe

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