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Niveau B1

Englisch-Workshop B1 bis C2: Creative Writing – Short poetry

Dozentin: Mirjam Mahler

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Join me in a fun class that will inspire you to write (maybe your first) short poem.
Our workshop is about the joy of playing with words. Several writing prompts will inspire you to start writing. You don’t need permission, you don’t need formal training, you don’t have to have a finished outcome in mind, you just have to sit down and write.
We will experiment with several different types of short poetry and share them with each other and maybe even the world. No previous writing experience is required. If you feel comfortable writing a postcard or an email in English to a friend this course is for you. You will learn new words and find joy in playing with language.

You can find me online on Instagram @mirjamwrites or mirjamwrites.com.

Datum | Uhrzeit
3-mal (8 Unterrichtsstunden)
Dienstag, 12. Oktober, 18:00 - 20:00 Uhr
Kurs/Veranstaltung muss leider entfallen

Ulm, Dreigiebelhaus, D1



Beratung zum Kursinhalt

Bettina Brandez
Tel. 0731 1530-33


6 - 8 Teilnehmer*innen
Kurs abgeschlossen


53,00 € Kleingruppe

keine Anmeldung mehr möglich
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