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Update on the Corona situation, as of 31.5.2021

Dear participants and course instructors,

if the 7-day incidence remains below 100, the vh Ulm will start the first course offerings in attendance as part of opening level 1 after the Pfingst-holidays. You can find the information on this on our homepage; the individual vh-departments will communicate by newsletter, email, etc.

In addition to the hygiene rules that are already in force and the collection of contact data, the prerequisite for participation in the classroom is the submission of evidence of a test, vaccination or recovery. * A corona self-test is not sufficient for this.

There are numerous corona test centers in Ulm and in the Alb-Donau district.

Right next to the EinsteinHaus you can be tested in a test center in the Kornhaus, please remember to make an appointment in advance and bring some waiting time with you in the initial phase. Please have your Passport/Personalausweis ready in addition to the relevant proof, we are obliged to check.

Proof can be: the (yellow) vaccination card (vaccination is considered effective 2 weeks AFTER the second vaccination), a daily negative antigen rapid test or proof of recovery wearing an FFP-2 mask or a medical mask in class remains compulsory.

We offer in detail:

  • In the Alb-Donau district there will be face-to-face offers again from June 7th
  • School degrees in the Abendgymnasium take place in alternating lessons
  • the Aicher-Scholl-Kolleg and the Frauenakademie will be teaching face-to-face in the 2nd and 3rd week of June
  • some of the foreign languages will be back in attendance from June 14th, in coordination with the lecturers
  • There will be no face-to-face offers in the health sector, you can find online offers on our homepage
  • the Männerakademie will offer the first face-to-face courses in mid or late June
  • There will be first classroom courses in the arts and culture and kontiki
  • German as a foreign language: we are still waiting here, all courses are carried out digitally, it could start with presence in the course of June or July

The vh Ulm is also active with hundreds of online courses and events in all subject areas. Preparations for the autumn / winter semester with the semester focus »USA« are already under way.

The current information is noted on the homepage, if in doubt, please contact the individual departments - preferably by email, availability by phone does not always work because of home office and short-time work.

Stay healthy and keep your nerve.

For the team at vh Ulm

Dr. Christoph Hantel

*Up-to-date rapid antigen test (the time of the test must not be more than 24 hours ago).

Vaccination certificate: The vaccination is considered effective 2 weeks after the second vaccination.

Proof of recovery: People who have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 using PCR, PoC-PCR or another nucleic acid test within the last 6 months and the test result is at least 28 days ago are considered recovered. The most important criterion on the verification document must show that the infection has been confirmed by means of PCR testing. In addition to the test / registration date, it must also be clear to whom the document was issued.

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